Along the springs of the Ljubljanica with a taste of Cankar

Let’s go where there's proof of Jazon's anger, Cankar's tasteful coffee and Ivan's modesty.

The springs of Ljubljanica in Retovje and Močilnik are interesting because of the beautiful landscape, Karst nature and huge amounts of water. We will start discovering nature's beauties in Močilnik and then take an undemanding and well marked path through the forest towards Retovje. On our way we'll occasionaly have a chance to glance at the view of the city Vrhnika and the springs of river ljubljanica under the vertical walls.

We invite you to take a stroll down these romantic roads and give in to the feeling of these mysterious vertical walls over the springs and a small army of caves syphoons and abysses. The cold air from the water and the tales of the Greek heroes Argonauts who were strolling around these areas, are a recipe for a perfect trip.

As an introduction into the spirit of the times of Cankar, we're going to stop for a cup of coffee in the centre of Vrhnika and upgrade the trip with the visit of the birth house of our Nations greatest writer Ivan Cankar. The house is remodelled into a museum. We'll guide you through the memorial coasts where Ivan Cankar and his family moved after their house »Na Klancu« burned down.

Our trip will end in a micro- brewery where we'll try 3 different sorts of beer and check out the making process of this popular beverage.

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