Biking trough Karst

Red soil, houses surrounded by rocks, teran (red wine) and prosciutto – this is the wonderful Karst, which we will discover by bike.

Karst is a wonderful area that you just have to meet. We start our journey in Vrhnika where lies the line between Ljubljansko barje and Karst and it starts with overhanging cliffs above one of the river Ljubljanica springs Močnik. Karst lives in Slovenija which can be seen trough speleology, there are over 10.000 registered caves.

Biking trough Karst is a very special sightseeing experience. These way you get really close to nature, you see and discover the surrounding scenery in a way you could never by car. Biking trough  landscapes filled with vineyards and typical Karst villages is really something extremely special.

On the way we will visit a wine cellar and have a taste of Teran- these red wine is a special local feature. In combination whit the Karst prosciutto the taste in your mouts is going to be mind-blowing and unforgetable.

Apart from the local cuisine we will also visit Lipica, where the Lipicanci (Lipizzan horses) were born. The stud farm is a must see destination in Karst. In the direct vicinity there is a lovely Vilenica cave. The first visits to the cave were in 1633 and its known to be the oldest tourist cave in the world.

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