Garden by the Villa Ferrari in Štanjel

The garden by the Villa Ferrari in Štanjel is the original work of the famous Slovenian architect Maks Fabiani.

He helped the owner, his brother-in-law, Dr. E. Ferrari, to arrange it. They designed the garden between the two wars and were in the process of completing it all the way up to the tragic destruction of the village in the autumn of 1944. The garden scheme is comprised of several parts that are ranked in terraces below the house and are a combination of outbuilding and decorative, useful and representational elements. The garden is arranged eclectically, as it imitates different style periods. Its essential part is the exceptional water system, which takes care of the watering, fountains and the water pool. The water is gathered in the village by a system of reservoirs and flows to the garden, except for that which is used by the local people for watering.

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