Ljubljana Moor

Ljubljana moor is area with ethnological peculiarities, archaeological heritage, rich history and high valued nature.

It is museum and a classroom outdoors, where you can relax from city bustle, summer heat and hazy smog.
In second half of 4. millennium b.c. was Ljubljana moor very densely populated, as they found there more than 40 pile dwellings. According to findings of archaeologists was average populated place consisted of less than 20 villages. Individual pile dwellings have been continuously populated up to hundred  years, but mostly much less. Lake environment and richness of animals world, allowed primordial inhabitants ample hunting and fishing.
Numerous archaeological finds of prehistoric cultures illuminate richness of this area.
In 2011 has been this area listed on UNESCO World Heritage list.
On moor's meadow we can find many plant species, which are in some places, mainly due to the drainage extincted:  swamp tulips, Cotton grass and meadow orchids.Colorful environment complement sizzling insect and singing birds.
Although it covers barely a percentage of Slovenian territory, nest on her half of bird's species, and more of them are on Ljubljana moor wintering or on rest during migration. Moor is also home close to 90 different species of butterflies, among them are also some endangered species.

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