Planina Cave

The Planina Cave is the largest water cave in Slovenia.

It is adorned with precipitous chambers, narrow passages, subterranean lakes, rapids, siphons, and numerous cave formations. The cave is also the location of a true rarity-the confluence of two underground rivers. The River Pivka, flowing from the Postojna basin, and the River Raka, which flows through the areas of Rakov Škocjan, Cerknica plain, and Javornik. The part of the cave intended for tourists measures 900 metres and can be visited regardless of the weather and water level, while other parts of the cave can only be accessed when the water level is low and by using special equipment. When the water level is low, boat tours lasting up to six hours can be arranged. Halogen lamps are included in the cave tour. A tour lasts approx. 1.5h.

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