Park of Military History Pivka

Inside the Park of Military History, an artillery collection is displayed.

The collection is mainly composed of tanks, armoured cars, armoured transport vehicles, motor carriages, and special amphibious vehicles, and air transport combat vehicles. The Headquarters, the central old barracks building in Hrastje, contains the permanent collection Regio Carsica Militaris, which encapsulates the thousands of years of military and fortification heritage of the extended area of the strategically important Postojna Gates. The neighbouring buildings contain several other permanent collections, and visitors can also undertake the Circular Trail of Military History, or take the path towards the Alpine Wall. Every year, the Festival of Military History is organized, where a great historical battle is reenacted (e.g. Napoleon’s battle at Razdrto, Battle of the Hill 110). The P-913 Zeta submarine is the newest museum’s acquisition and can also be examined from the inside.

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